“Those People”

“Those people don’t matter,” said Jane Fonda. She was discussing folks who criticize her Fire Drill Friday protests of climate change that she’s organizing in Washington, DC. She says she plans to get arrested every Friday until the world recognizes her relevance and ,,, and … and … um … Well, until we do something to fix climate change.


The only positive thing I can say about her Fire Drill from last Friday is that the pictures posted on Twitter seem to indicate that she dressed in sensibly warm clothes on that chilly day.But of course, the problem is now climate change rather than global warming. I suppose we’re in for an interesting next 12 years.

UPDATE—I’m not sure of the percentage fossil fuels played in providing the energy for my microwave oven while I was popping this batch of popcorn I had for breakfast.

5 thoughts on ““Those People”

  1. Still waiting on my share of climate change. I had to shovel 8 inches of global warning off my driveway last week in northern Illinois.

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