Democracy Dies in Derpness™

I almost titled this post I’m Not Making This Up, You Know—The Washington Post has published an opinion piece which advocates the effective repeal of the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Ben Bradley and Herblock were unavailable for comment.

5 thoughts on “Democracy Dies in Derpness™

  1. Since the Post is largely a liberal rag….this seems to confirm what is already evident about the elitist , power-at the cost- of the people, thinking of the imperial left. Do you agree with this?

    • MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH—I’m eating my words, essentially, after reading the actual article. Yet the still is a point Muslim diplomats know that we, in large have forgotten! Muslim diplomats, like the American founding Fathers (and Founding Mothers) DID HAVE a moral center to judge by. We in our time have mostly denied we even have one…and booted any evidence of our Judeo-Christian foundations right out the window—-so WE DO allow foolishness like flag (and Koran) burning, and hate speech and anti-Semitism and anything under the sun that we can arbitrarily define as “free speech”.

    • Well, I read the article, and I disagree. The writer is clearly calling for hate speech laws, which any rational person knows is the camel’s nose under the tent. We have already seen it – the local State Rep. who filed a bill to make make calling someone a “bitch” an extension of the disorderly conduct law. The problem with every single one of these types of laws is that they are applied unequally, depending on who is in power at the time, and that is not justice, but oppression. So not just “No”, but “Hell NO”!

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