Another Misbehaving Congresscritter

My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has been writing (here and here) about Rep. Katie Hill and her current difficulty handling the PR fallout from matters related to her husband’s filing for divorce. I’ve stayed away from the story because I didn’t have anything to add to coverage.

However, I will make these observations:

Rep. Hill is not the only female Democrat involved in a campaign/office related divorce.

We were told by our betters that women would be different.

Whether one believes that we are an evolved species or a specially created one, long-term monogamous sexual partnerships really do seem to be the best way to structure our lives.

1 thought on “Another Misbehaving Congresscritter

  1. Biologically we’re not really ‘wired’ for monogamy. If we were, it would be easier. Socially though, monogamy seems to produce better outcomes than any other system. Or at least the societal belief in the correctness of monogamy despite any lapses among the practitioners seems to lead to more productive and happy societies.

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