Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the ways that The Dread Deadbeat Protestor Kimberlin tried to raise money was by seeking donations to his Justice Through Music Project not-for-profit to pay that outfit for publicizing the legal situation of a Russian rock band called Pussy Riot. None of the funds collected would go for their legal defense, JTMP would just talk and write about them. Six years ago, I published A Spelling Lesson that talked about that fund raising effort.

* * * * *

pussyriot_jtmpThe Russian feminist punk rock group spells their band’s name in Latin letters “Pussy Riot.” It’s occasionally transliterated into Cyrillic as “Пусси Райот.” The “spelling” shown above is from the Justice Through Music Project donation page exploiting the band’s legal troubles. One would think that The Dread Pirate Kimberlin, who is alleged to speak and read Russian, would know better.


* * * * *

I appears that JTMP’s PR effort was a bust. Maybe that’s why TDPK switched his emphasis to Ukraine.

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