Pronoun Menu

Hogewash! is an English language blog, and I strive to use proper grammar. To that end, the following pronouns are used to refer to individual persons on this blog:

Masculine form: he/him/his
Feminine form: she/her/hers

Single individuals should not use the plural form (they/them/their) or imaginary forms (e.g., xe/xer/xir) unless they suffer from borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, or a related mental illness.

N.B.: The English language pronouns for a person who sex is unknown are identical to the masculine. Someone speaking about himself or herself may use one/one/one’s in formal communications. The only other gender in English is neuter, and I believe it is disrespectful to refer to a human being as it.

2 thoughts on “Pronoun Menu

  1. I’m somewhat troubled by the proper use of what would generally be considered the plural form for an individual, e.g. “If someone asks you what gender you identify as, tell *them* that the answer is in your pants.”

    It’s a thin linguistic reed, but it exists.

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