Bombshells and Duds

It seems as if almost every one of the bombshells that have been produced in support of the Trump/Zelensky phone call collusion hoax have either been duds or have blown up in the accusers’ faces. For example, Rep. Schiff has admitted that The Whistleblower contacted congressional staffers before he contacted the Intelligence Community Inspector General. Not only was that a violation of the law which raises the possibility that The Whistleblower is not legally entitled to protection from prosecution for unauthorized sharing of classified information, but it is also at odds with the congresscritter’s previous versions of The Narrative.

Rudy Giuliani should put in for EOD pay.

4 thoughts on “Bombshells and Duds

  1. Shifty Schiff has just demolished the “You tried to hide it from us!” gambit. Kinda hard to keep them in the dark on their own plot.

    Andy McCarthy notes that this revelation means Schiff has had six weeks to prepare that ridiculous opening to the DNI hearing. And that rejected Sopranos dialogue was the best he could come up with? LOL!

  2. The narrative is pretty simple, not that complicated or ever-changing.

    Here’s what has been suggested:

    1. Trump contacted Zelensky in an attempt to order a foreign leader to investigate Biden. This is done so insead of asking, you know, Americans to investigate Biden.
    2. Trump does the negotiations with appointed officials on overseas trips and phone calls.

    Both of these hold up. Guliani has done TV interviews stating that the call was totally about investigating Biden, and that he’s done that work personally. There’s been other trips out of country for the other people who have been claimed to engage in these negotiations, such as Barr, who was in Italy for unexplained reasons when this whole thing kicked off.

    For further corroboration, Yuriy Lutsenko has been interviewed here:

    Do note, specifically the part where he says he’d be happy to cooperate with any American investigation of Biden. This is important because Trump hasn’t launched one. None of this has been done in any sort of official way, which is silly considering he’s appointed the heads of all the agencies which would conduct such an investigation, and could do so at basically any time.

    It’s also disgusting to hear Trump on one hand call the Ukraine a corrupt nation that cannot be trusted, while at the same time, trusting them to investigate Biden. His statements repeatedly saying that it would would be a good thing to do so also lend credence to the idea that he did it.

    If he’s going to blame people for blocking an investigation of an American, it should also be an investigation that involves Americans.

    • I wouldn’t waste my breath defending those lying scumbags.

      No, I’m here because Mr. Hoge has solid attention to detail and meticulous documentation, and if anyone can come up with a convincing counterargument, it would be him or someone like him.

      It’s pretty straightforward.

      Trump said yesterday that the unclassified memo, found here, is fake.

      Earlier this week he said that the same memo was evidence that there was no quid-pro-quo with Zelensky.

      If it was fake, wouldn’t Trump have said so immediately, instead of waiting a week? And secondly, how can the same thing be both fake and proof of no wrongdoing?

      Also, if it was fake, why did Guliani go on TV so quickly and say that the phone call happened?

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