Still the Least Insane Democrat Running for President

I disagree with Rep. Gabbard on a great many issues, but at least she seems to have thought through most of her policies—and she’s willing to stand up to the Progressive mob when she disagrees with them.

UPDATE—Over at Instapundit Prof. Reynolds observes that “Trump’s okay with this, as it will divide the country between the crazy, and the non-crazy, in his favor.”

1 thought on “Still the Least Insane Democrat Running for President

  1. Tulsi may be the least crazy Democrat running (and the prettiest) but that doesn’t make her sane. She still has radical views on any number of critical issues.

    She has time to burnish her image though and build an organization for future runs. She isn’t going anywhere this cycle because Democrats are demanding cray-cray from their candidates. But I suspect we will see her again in 4 or 8 years.

    She still represents as danger to the Republic though and sadly only slightly more of a danger than McCarthy and McConnell.

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