Running for Second Place

T. A. Frank has a piece over at Vanity Fair titled VEEPSTAKES 2020: WHICH DEMOCRATS ARE SECRETLY RUNNING FOR SECOND PLACE?. He concludes that Bernie Sanders is not enough of a team player to take the number two spot. He also notes that the press hates Tulsi Gabbard, so she’s probably too controversial to be selected as the Veep candidate. The rest of the pack seem to be keeping the Veep option open.

Warren might be a safe choice if Bernie wins the top spot. Harris would be good playing the tough cop role in contrast to the top nominee’s good cop. Booker could balance a ticket for Biden. Frank sees the others as lack seasoning, as too weird, or … here’s the best line in the piece—

Some politicians are empty suits, but Beto O’Rourke avoids the problem by dressing casual.

Read the whole thing.

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