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Back in 2012, we were just beginning to meet some of the member of Team Kimberlin. One of them fancied himself an investigative reporter. Seven years ago today, Hogewash! ran this post showing how The Liberal Grouch Demonstrates How NOT to Vet a Source.

* * * * *

The Liberal Grouch briefly published and then withdrew pictures of a woman who he identified as Lee Stranahan’s ex-wife. She was not.

There’s a reason why one is supposed to rely on verifiable information when one publishes. A real Shoe Leather Reporter explains the potential problems of not doing one’s homework.

* * * * *

Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt (aka the Liberal Grouch) has been a failure as a reporter, investigative or otherwise, just has all of his Internet radio or over-the-air DJ gigs have turned sour.

Karma is closing in.

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