9 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much Biology

  1. There are some fish that can gender-swap, but fish genitalia isn’t as involved as mammalian, and I’ve never heard of a live-bearing fish that can pull that trick. Also, there’s the possibility that biologists just aren’t that good at determining the gender of animals whose reproductive apparatus differ only by whether they produce stationary or mobile gametes.

    • According to the language butchers, no. Hetero means that you’re attracted to the opposite sex. Cis means that you identify with the sex you were “assigned” at birth.

      According to the lunatics, if you’re a normal dude having sex with a dude who thinks he’s a chick, you’re cis and hetero, but s/he would be trans and hetero.

      If you ask me, it’s very, very gay. Also insane.

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