Common Sense Controls

While I don’t agree with the exact compromise Aaron proposes here, he’s thinking in the right direction.

BTW, we have universal background checks here in Maryland. They’ve been effective at inconveniencing private individuals engaging in otherwise lawful gun transactions, but Baltimore’s murder rate is up almost 50 % since the background checks became law.

4 thoughts on “Common Sense Controls

  1. IL’s Firearm Owner’s ID (FOID) card system has been in place since 1968, requiring a buyer of firearms or ammunition to present a valid FOID card for each purchase. The FOID system was later updated to meet the “Universal Background Check” ideal Jan. 1, 2014.

    Clearly, it’s having the desired effect in Chicago.

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  3. We’ve had laws before that give us immigration reform and a wall or fence. They implement the so-called immigration reform and never build the wall or fence.

    My thought here is they will implement the background checks which we already have and never build the wall.

    Past behavior shows me future behavior.

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