El Paso and Dayton … and Chicago

The past weekend had a rather high body count.

Here are some facts about may not be extensively covered by the Main Stream Media—

All three cities are run by Democrats. El Paso has a Republican mayor, but almost every other state or local politician representing the City of El Paso or El Paso County is a Democrat. Mayors Nan Whaley (Dayton) and Lori Lightfoot (Chicago) are Democrats.

The Dayton shooter was a fan of Bernie and Fauxcahontas. And a gun control advocate.

The flow of victims from the multiple shootings in Chicago was so great that one hospital’s emergency room was overwhelmed and was forced to stop accepting patients.

10 thoughts on “El Paso and Dayton … and Chicago

  1. The fact that the Dayton shooter murdered his own sister suggests a more personal psychological motive rather than some grand political ideology.

    However, I predict that coverage about the Dayton shooter is going to be suddenly abridged and muted. Or they could make it about “toxic masculinity” or something based on the alleged “rape list.”

  2. The El Paso shooter reportedly is of Iranian ethnicity and supports universal income and healthcare. Sounds like a Nazi.

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