4 thoughts on “Gillette Gets Woke and Goes Broke

  1. Switched to old school double edge razors a few years ago and ditched the cartridges. Best shaves ever and the morning shave is enjoyable.

    • The last time I shaved my chin whiskers was the day I married Mrs. Hoge.

      I had just left active duty in the Army Reserve when we first met, so I only had a mustache, but by the next time we saw each other, I had regrown my beard. I wore it the entire time of out courtship. She asked me to shave it off except for the mustache for our wedding.

      We were married on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend in the small town where her grandparents lived in Indiana. I took her to her grandparent’s house the weekend before, and returned to Nashville to work on first part of the week. I left work early on Wednesday, and drove up to her grandparent’s house. I arrived about 10 pm.

      Connie met me at the door and gave me a great big hug. Then she stepped back and the first words out of her mouth were, “Grow it back after the wedding.”

  2. I go out of my way to avoid Gillette. I avoid P&D products much as possible. My wife insists on buying Dawn dish washing soap but that’s it for us.

    If a company hates me, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

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