Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Skipped the “Debate”

I was working overtime on a new project last night, so I skipped watching the CNN-sponsored Democrat news event in Detroit last night. Now that I’ve read some of the coverage, it appears that I may have missed something interesting. One thing that stands out is which candidate generated the most Google searches during the debate.My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has been following the Williamson campaign since March. When he covered Williamson’s campaigning in South Carolina last March, he was the only national reporter on the story. If you’re not reading The Other McCain, you should be.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Skipped the “Debate”

  1. Williamson is a certified whack job! The fact that she can stand on the stage with these other democrats proves how insane the DNC and far too many Americans have become.

  2. Another interesting question is why Montanans feel the need to Google their Governor, especially now that the dimwit in Havre is no longer in Havre because of the Hodgkinson’s disease and such.

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