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Ah, it’s another one of those anniversaries! Three years ago today, a big chuck of The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO 2 Retread LOLsuit bit the dust.

Let me provide some background for the Gentle Readers who haven’t been following The Saga of Team Kimberlin for more than four years or so. Just as TDPK’s first RICO LOLsuit was failing in federal court, he filed a second one. It attempted to go after the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, a large law firm, and several intelligence contractors for defamation and other imaginary torts. However, TDPK had waited too long to file, and the statute of limitations had run out on any of the alleged acts. He tried to get around that problem by alleging that I was a coconspirator, and the my acts had continued long enough that the statute of limitations had not run out. That LOLsuit was dismissed by the federal court. Kimberlin refiled it in state court, but he dropped me as a defendant. It appeared he was finally beginning to understand that the legal doctrine of res judicata could be applied in my defense because of his previous failed LOLsuits against me.

Three years ago, I published one of those delightful Qapla’ posts.

* * * * *

Judge Mason held a hearing this morning on the ripe motions to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams LLP, et al. RICO 2 Retread LOLsuit. The case has been dismissed with prejudice against Hunton & Williams and the lawyers associated that firm, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Berico and its employees. The case was also dismissed with prejudice against the Palantir defendants because their situation is identical to the others. The grounds for dismissal were res judicata because Kimberlin had included me as a conspirator (even though I wasn’t named as a defendant in this case) or, alternatively, the statute of limitations if I wasn’t a member of the conspiracy—and lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendants.

The motions to dismiss for the remaining defendants will be heard on 13 September.

* * * * *

Yep, everything proceeded as I had foreseen.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Neither Hunton & Williams or et al came back, in any way, at Brett Kimberlin for his second bite at this particular apple. Well. Maybe not a entirely new second bite but surely a conflation with the first RICO suit.

    Personally, I’d have been embarrassed to argue ‘Team Two’ but I understand Bretts’ need for a literary device to encapsulate a additional multiple parties acting, presumably, together. Anybody out there got a Collusion Cat? RUSSIA!

    Courts didn’t sanction Brett Kimberlin in any way. Guess I understand the reasoning on not holding somebody accountable over time and over multiple cases- But, Brett Kimberlin… On one hand it’s obvious his local notoriety in Maryland courts isn’t held against him by Maryland judges. OTOH, maybe that’s a good thing. And on the gripping hand, maybe it’s not.

    This one, RICO 2, cost Brett his time. Just like all the others cost Brett his time. Brett has time. What is it Brett Kimberlin does for a living? Where does Brett Kimberlin derive his income? How much? Do his real estate and business taxes square with Brett’s declared income?

    RICO 2 cost everybody else their time and money. Cost Hunton & Williams, time and/or money, as well as the other defendants. Note, at minimum, that time does cost money in a opportunity cost sense. So money, yes-

    No harm no foul. Nothing to see here. Just move along. Next lawsuit? Maryland courts are waiting with a catchers mitt.

    And so it goes. Reckon I want to see some version of ‘The English System’ wherein Brett would have had to pay others costs for him rolling the dice. OTOH, I see problems with that too. So I don’t really want to see the English System. Except maybe for serial litigators. What’s that concept I’m reaching for? It’ll come to me. Shortly. I hope.

    The system sucks. Don’t sue me Brett; State of Maryland (judiciary) will be eyeing my post. All of this IMAO. Void in states where prohibited.

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