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When Brett Kimberlin began his use of lawfare to try to silence truthful reporting about him, his past, and is current activities, multiple witnesses to his past started popping up. Seven years ago today, I published #BrettKimberlin, Insignificant @$$#0!3!! a post about one of several common acquaintances I have with The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin.

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Mrs. Hoge received her B. A. from Indiana University in 1977. One of her college friends has stopped by to visit for a few days. While talking with our visitor at supper this evening, I found out that she knew Brett Kimberlin during her time in Bloomington and Indianapolis. She remembers him as an “insignificant @$$#0!3!!”

Funny how more and more of the past is coming back to life.

The truth is out there.

* * * * *

BTW, our visitor hadn’t heard about Kimberlin since his false narrative about being Dan Quayle’s dope dealer appeared in Doonesbury in 1992. She was surprised to learn that he’d been paroled, but not surprised that he’d had a parole revocation.

None of our mutual acquaintances from Indiana speak favorably of Kimberlin.

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