Minute 16 of Her 15 Minutes of Fame

It looks as if Megan Rapinoe has had her flash of fame. Her captaincy of a metric football team gave her a platform to engage in narcissistic anti-Americanism, but she lacked the necessary poise to be a sports heroine. While she’ll probably be given a spot among the D-list celebrities for her service to The Narrative, she’ll never really be famous.

UPDATE—Typo fixed. I hate autocorrupt.

4 thoughts on “Minute 16 of Her 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Yeah…i totally agree. I was just saying that very thing the day before the Women’s World Cup final game. I mentioned to a friend..(a FEMALE friend, even)..that Rapinoe is very aware that her 15 minutes are almost up…amd all this bull$hit anti-America behavior was her little social justice warrior, pea-brained attempt at perhaps stretching that 15…into maybe more. I also said that she didn’t give a f**k about politics or the national anthem. Taking a knee was her simply trying to suck all the attention onto HER…and only her. She’s a narcissist….thru and thru….

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