Minute 16 of Her 15 Minutes of Fame

It looks as if Megan Rapinoe has had her flash of fame. Her captaincy of a metric football team gave her a platform to engage in narcissistic anti-Americanism, but she lacked the necessary poise to be a sports heroine. While she’ll probably be given a spot among the D-list celebrities for her service to The Narrative, she’ll never really be famous.

UPDATE—Typo fixed. I hate autocorrupt.

4 thoughts on “Minute 16 of Her 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. She has soured me on yet another women’s sport. Wonder when they will mess up SEC football?

  2. Yeah…i totally agree. I was just saying that very thing the day before the Women’s World Cup final game. I mentioned to a friend..(a FEMALE friend, even)..that Rapinoe is very aware that her 15 minutes are almost up…amd all this bull$hit anti-America behavior was her little social justice warrior, pea-brained attempt at perhaps stretching that 15…into maybe more. I also said that she didn’t give a f**k about politics or the national anthem. Taking a knee was her simply trying to suck all the attention onto HER…and only her. She’s a narcissist….thru and thru….

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