A Note on the First and Second Amendments

Journalist Andy Ngo was attacked last Saturday by a gang of AntiFa thugs because he was exercising his free press rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

I note that while the First Amendment also grants the right to peaceable assembly, that’s not what AntifFa was doing.

AntiFa’s tactics seem to be spiraling toward ever greater violence. It’s beginning to look as if their expectation that they can act with impunity will lead them to attack someone who is willing to defend himself and prepared to do so. I suspect that they will won’t do well in such a confrontation.

I also suspect that the rank-and-file AntiFa members’ apparent ignorance of history eventually will do them in. When the Sturmabteilung became more trouble than they were worth, the long knives came out. When AntiFa is no longer useful to The Narrative, …

6 thoughts on “A Note on the First and Second Amendments

  1. What is more disturbing is the raft of “blue check mark” journalists crowing about him being beaten and having all his equipment stolen. Seems if you aren’t on the Democratic plantation with the rest of the media then you deserve to be beaten and robbed.

  2. Antifa will either be crushed by police force, or it won’t.

    The Left will never purge it.

    The Left never has, and, never will.

    • One of real solutions is for Trump to send in the FBI as observers, and, have them arrest police officers would turn a blind-eye. Then, they sue the local governments for systematic violation of civil rights via negligence.

      • Nah. When it is obvious they aren’t doing anything, you declare a state of insurrection and start arresting everyone in sight. The Mayor and Police Chief then get sent to GITMO for trial on their crimes, then frog march them to a wall for insurrection in time of war. The falsely named Antifa also go to a wall, after suitable service on the Alaska tundra.

  3. Antifa has been careful to hold their riots in places where their victims either are not or cannot be armed to protect themselves. They also have been careful to select places where the police are actively protecting them or turning a blind eye.

    Eventually, this will change. I don’t know when or where but law-abiding citizens are going to reach a point where the say “enough is enough.” And they will respond with force to protect themselves.

    We are very close to 1919/1932 levels of street violence in large parts of this country. I don’t think Antifa realizes this yet.

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