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Every so often, one of my posts really gets under the skin of one or more members of Team Kimberlin, and bizarre comments will begin appearing in moderation for the comment section here at Hogewash!. Four years ago, I published this post titled Hit a Nerve, Have We? to share some of Team Kimberlin’s childishness.

* * * * *

Usually, the bogus comments sent to this blog by the members of Team Kimberlin aren’t very creative. They’re either childish middle-school-yard taunts or tasteless graphics lifted from other websites. This afternoon’s load of nonsense included a bogus threat letter purporting to be from the RIAA. The text has been floating around the Interwebz for years.TK201506201909Z

A few minutes earlier, I received this comment.

TK201506201901ZaTK201506201901ZbWhoever was sending this dreck didn’t bother to refresh his identity on the TOR network between sending the comments, but poor OPSEC is a hallmark of Team Kimberlin.

BTW, Team Kimberlin can send me all the .exe files they want. All of my hosting is done on Linux or Unix servers, all of my other computer that are connected to the Internet are running Linux, Unix, or iOS.

UPDATE—The redacted comment below was made by a coward (who thinks he is anonymous) trying to impersonate someone.

* * * * *

Here’ that redacted comment.The original post went up at 15:44. The comment was submitted just a bit more than two hours later, so it didn’t take long for [redacted] to react to the post.

There’s an awful lot of very awful rent-free space available in certain heads, but I’m not inclined toward that kind of slumming.

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