Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the forms of harassment used by Team Kimberlin has been contacting a perceived enemy’s employer and either complaining about the person’s behavior or forecasting the direst of dire direness if the person isn’t fired. That tactic worked once, and Aaron Walker was fired from a job because his employer was frightened by tales of Islamic extremists who were allegedly seeking revenge on Aaron for posting cartoons of Mohammed on the Internet.

They also tried to interfere with my work as a contractor with NASA. Five years ago today, I published this post about My Day at work.

* * * * *

201406191002ZSomehow, I feel that those good wishes from the Cabin Boy™ are sarcasm, but I did have a good day working with the GOES-R Project today. Most of my time was spent mentoring an engineering co-op student who was laying out his first circuit board. Passing on such skills one-on-one is something I find very satisfying.

Not everyone working on the GOES-R program is aware the legal wrangling that takes up part of my spare time, but many of my colleagues read this blog or have heard stories told around the Keurig. Those stories have been the source of much head shaking and laughter.

* * * * *

Not all of my colleagues at NASA were amused by the emails they received, and that resulted in opening of an investigation of which I was not the target. Going an email too far is what resulted in the cooperative effort that brought about Bill Schmalfeldt finally being charged with violating a peace order.

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