Gibson’s Bakery Jury Awards Triple Damages

Last week, the jury in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College lawsuit awarded a total of 11.2 million dollars in compensatory damages to the plaintiffs. Today, the jury awarded punitive damages as follows:

David Gibson – $17.5 million punitive damages
Allyn W. Gibson — $8.75 million punitive damages
Gibson Bros. Inc. (the Bakery) – $6,973,500 punitive damages

These awards will probably be reduced because they exceed the twice compensatory damage cap in Ohio law.

UPDATE—The jury also awarded attorney’s fees to be determined by the judge.

7 thoughts on “Gibson’s Bakery Jury Awards Triple Damages

  1. This is Meredith Raimondo the vice president and dean of students at Oberlin Collage. My god she looks like bill schmalfeldt!

  2. Actions have consequences. You can ignore reality forever but the consequences will eventually catch up with you.

  3. One of those social justice bake sales where for impoverished students, the cookies are three for a dollar but the rich townies have to pay $500,000?

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