An Uninsured Loss?

Legal Insurrection reports that the insurance carrier for Oberlin College has notified the school that while its policy does cover a defamation claim, it does not cover some of the other torts claims in the Gibson’s Bakery lawsuit. The insurance company has filed a motion to intervene in the case to find out what proportion of the $11,000,000 verdict was for defamation.

4 thoughts on “An Uninsured Loss?

  1. It’s interesting that 1) Oberlin (like many others) has experienced about a 7% decline in headcount since 2015, 2) they have an endowment of about 885K, and 3) an operating budget of around 190M.
    IOW, looking at a possible 30M hit (defamation plus punishment award) will put a reasonably serious crimp in their finances going forward.
    And it seem like gifts to their endowment have declined a bit, but that’s hard to tell.

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