Scorched Earth

RealClearInvestigations has a long post up titled ‘Scorched Earth’: Mueller’s Targets Speak Out. Witnesses and targets of the Special Counsel’s investigation agreed to speak with RealClearInvestigations because they are no longer in legal jeopardy. One was Art Moore, an editor for WND dot com. Moore describes being interview by a pair of FBI agents—

“They were clearly on a fishing expedition,” Moore said, recounting the incident to RealClearInvestigations publicly for the first time.

“They seemed desperate to find something to hang onto the narrative” of Russian collusion, he said.

The RCI piece presents details from interviews with Moore, Jerome Corsi, Jason Fishbein, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Sam Patten, Michale Ledeen, and Joseph Schmitz. These witnesses find it beyond ironic that some Democrats are now complaining that Mueller didn’t do enough to find incriminating evidence against Trump. They’ve spoken out because they want the public to understand the toll Mueller’s probe has taken on their lives.

It’s a long post. Read the whole thing.

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