The Continuing Revolt of the Deplorables

So the Brexit Party will not only be the largest bloc of the UK’s delegation to the European Parliament, they will actually be the largest party in that body. Moreover, eurosceptic parties have made gain in almost every EU country. It’s almost as if there’s a pattern of worldwide resistance to the failures of technocratic bureaucracy emerging.

2 thoughts on “The Continuing Revolt of the Deplorables

  1. It’s not that Trump, or Farage, or whoever is a genius so much as that the ruling elite has been exposed by Trump et al as somewhat less than mediocre, let alone truly ‘elite’. A true example of the Emperor having no clothes.

  2. And, until such parties win absolute majorities in the British Parliament and/or the EU, it will be utterly irrelevant as before mentioned elites will continue to do as they please.

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