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This I’m Not Making This Up, You Know post ran six years ago today.

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There’s a new website on the Internet—brettkimberlin dot org (No, I won’t link to it). Here’s some of the WHOIS info for it.

Created On:23-May-2013 01:24:08 UTC
Registrant Name:Brett Kimberlin
Registrant Organization:VelvetRevolution
Registrant Street1:POB 9576
Registrant City:Washington
Registrant State/Province:District of Columbia
Registrant Postal Code:20016
Registrant Country:US

This header appears on all the pages of the site. Mr. Kimberlin seemed older when I confronted him in court last week.BKorgHeader

The site’s description of his career has some holes in it. For example:

Brett Kimberlin is an entrepreneur, progressive activist, social media practitioner, environmentalist, non-profit director, musician, songwriter, legal beagle, and political expert. He has worked for and with many progressive organizations, and currently is Director of Justice Through Music, a 501c3 non-profit that works with famous bands, musicians and artists to inspire and motivate young people to engage in civic participation. In 2004, Justice Through Music co-founded the progressive activist organization Velvet Revolution, which speaks truth to power and takes on corporate and government corruption. Prior to that, Brett was the CEO of LADA International, a company involved in international trade with new countries in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine. At age 16, Brett co-founded Good Earth Natural Foods Company and four years later Independent Energy Systems, the latter being one of the first companies in the country focused on Green housing.

There’s no mention of his lucrative business importing and wholesaling marijuana, his experience using explosives, or the 17 years he spent living in government housing.

Brett has also been passionate about protecting the rights of minorities by exposing bigots, hate groups, and bullies.

The principal bully he’s exposed through his shenanigans is himself.

In his work over the past decade, Brett has registered tens of thousands of young people to vote, participated in dozens of election protection seminars and conferences, worked with Congress Members on progressive legislation and oversight hearings, met with government agencies investigating illegal activity, and provided support to many advocacy organizations. His non-profit has generated many petitions that have gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures to focus attention on important issues.

From the point of view of a scientist or engineer, it is possible to waste energy without doing any work. A force is said to do work when it moves a mass through a distance. Brett Kimberlin has expended a great deal of energy, but what has he really changed? What real work has he done. (Say, that bit about “meeting with government agencies investigating illegal activity” is something with which he should have plenty of experience.)

Shameless self-promotion. And definitely not the whole truth.

UPDATE–These domains were registered at the same time:

The dot com registration belongs to another person who happens to share the name Brett Kimberlin.

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The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin must have been dissatisfied with his legal career, because he’s let the registration lapse on the brettkimberlin dot org domain and has done nothing to protect it. As of a 11:30 pm ET last night (less than an hour before this post went live), the domain was available for registration.

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