Another One Bites the Dust

Theresa May has tendered her resignation as Prime Minister effective 7 June. Her announcement came after the Conservative Party was thoroughly trounced in elections for British local councils. The UK also held its election for the European Union Parliament yesterday, and it’s believed that the Conservative took less than 10 percent of the that vote. (Different EU countries are voting on different days through Sunday. Results are not released in any country until the polls have closed in all.)

The Brits started the current worldwide rebellion of the Deplorables against their Betters with the Brexit vote in 2016. We Americans piled on by electing Donald Trump. The response of the Deep State here in America was the failed coup d’etat against the democratic choice of the voters centered on the Russian Collusion myth. In the UK the coup against the voters’ choice of Brexit has taken the form of negotiating a non-exit Brexit and pushing for a re-do referendum. May’s failure to deliver what the voters chose has destroyed her party’s effectiveness and is bringing an end to her career.

Polling suggests that Nigel Farage has led the Brexit Party to first place in the EU parliamentary election. We’ll know if that’s true by Monday morning. Might he do the same for that party in the UK parliamentary elections expected to occur later this year?

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President Trump has published a memorandum directing the intelligence agency to fully cooperate with Attorney General Barr’s investigation of possible interference with our electoral process and giving the Attorney General to declassify whatever secrets need to be made public.

Who’s next?

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  1. Regarding the Trump investigation, I can’t recommend Dan Bongino’s podcast highly enough. He’s really done a deep dive on the players and available evidence. The last 3 or 4 days worth are absolutely mind blowing. I presume his upcoming book will be similarly astonishing.

    Popcorn. Stock up.

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