Flyover Australia

During the recent Australian election, the Labour Party ran on a very “progressive” platform of higher taxes, more public handouts, and a steep reduction in the nation’s carbon footprint. The polls said they had the election in the bag. And then, Conservative prime minister Scott Morrison led his party to victory. Now, the talking heads and scribblers can’t decide if the Australian voters are evil or stupid or both.

Climate change did work as an issue for the Left in some urban constituencies. A former Conservative prime minister lost his seat in the suburbs of Sydney to an independent candidate who campaigned on that issue. However, many deplorables, (for example, coal miners in rural Queensland) who had supported Labour switched sides when jobs were on the line.

The pundits are calling the Australian voters “dumb, mean-spirited, and greedy” “moron” who “rejected the big picture.” At least, they haven’t started claiming that the result was caused by Russian interference.

Brexit. Trump. Australia. The European Parliament election in the UK this week should be quite interesting.

9 thoughts on “Flyover Australia

  1. You can add Italy to the list as well. It’s not a good run for the left. It turns out you can’t insult and abuse your way to political victory.

    • The irony is rich from the man you systematically insulted and abused folks such as myself who had the audacity to support Donald Trump with pretty much the same contemptuous attitudes. I can’t see how you think the same process of rejecting the bipartisan elites that have failed everyday people is horrible in America, but, honky dorky in England, Italy and down under.

      • The idiocy is rich in that we’re talking about electorates trending and you’re still butthurt that the entire word didn’t share your fanboi fervor for Trump. I haven’t insulted you for being whoever you are, I’ve simply returned fire. If you have a problem with that, you should go tell it to someone who cares about it. That person is not me.

        I’d point out to you that I’m not running for a damn thing but that just seems to obvious to have to mention.

        • Describing folks such as myself who correctly perceived that Donald J. Trump would be a great President as “fanboys” is yet another example of your abusive and insulting rhetoric. History has shown that I was right, and, you are too prideful to admit that plain truth.

          The irony is again rich that we see a so-called “Never Trumper” complain that they are being held accountable for their siding with the Democratic candidate, their preference for a liberal Supreme Court, their preference for a new green deal, etc., when many of those same folks stated in no uncertain terms that they were going to seek retribution not merely against Donald J. Trump, but, all the people who supported him.

          You falsely claimed that you were just returning fire. No, you were out to destroy Donald Trump, and, when I had the audacity to support him, you attacked me with as much vigor as you attacked Donald Trump in a similar low and personal manner.. I wanted Trump to win. You wanted him to lose. I stuck to the issues because I wanted Trump to win, and, you were a pretentious and obnoxious asshole because, well, that is all the Never Trump movement ever had.

          • That’s an awfully fetid imagination you have there, Bob. Seek help.

          • And, once more you attack ad hominem by implying mental illness when in reality all that happened is that I told the truth, and, you tried to memory-hole your active campaigning for Hillary Clinton, a liberal Supreme Court, repartiations, New Green Deals, ad naseum.

            Again, how is it that you poise as a supporter of variations of Trumpism abroad while denouncing Trumpism in the almost apocalyptic terms at home?

          • Either this is an outright lie, or you have mental health peroblems, Bob. Quote me doing any of this or admit you’re either a lying sack of crap or batshit crazy.

            Come on, bright boy. Quote me.

  2. Those who don’t vote for “Progressives” are by definition 1) Stupid, or 2) evil, or 3) crazy or 4) being paid by someone in numbers 1-3, or 5) some combination all 1-4. I think that covers all the reasons put forth by the Progressive Left.

    • Or, 5) deluded victims of sinister right-wing propagandists such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and their local fundamentalist pastors who deserve our tolerant understanding right to the moment they reject our patient and benevolent attempts to explain the error of their ways. Then, of course, it is 1)-4).

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