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The TKPOTD for six years ago today was short to the point, and accurate.

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All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.

—Stacy McCain

Read more here.

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Come to think of it, Stacy’s method works for all the members of Team Kimberlin.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. That photo in Stacy’s post illustrates quite the conflict. As seen there and in other similar images, Bill Schmalfeldt is a neckless thumb with eyes. As such, the beard he wears currently is of some benefit to him and to society at large, in that he can go out in public without making all children and many adults scream and flee in terror.

    On the other hand, the beard does tend to make him resemble Santa Claus, which is, in the most charitable of terms, extremely worrisome.

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