Schmalfeldt Assists Alex Jones

Not directly, but quite ironically.

Let me explain.

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my reporting on the Gilmore v. Jones, et al. defamation LOLsuit filed in the U. S. District Court in Charlottesville, Virginia. Brennan Gilmore took the cell phone video of a car ramming into a crowd of protestors in Charlottesville that was posted on Twitter. He is suing Alex Jones and others, claiming that their comments about him and his connection to the event he recorded were defamatory.

IANAL, but it seemed to me that the existing case law would lead the judge to dismiss the case. However, he denied most of the motions to dismiss, allowing the suit to go forward against most of the defendants. Because the judge’s ruling appears to be at odds with case law, the lawyers representing a group of defendants which includes Alex Jones have filed a motion seeking either reconsideration of the ruling or permission to file what is called an interlocutory appeal of that ruling. An appeal would allow the Fourth Circuit to rule on the matter before any significant time and resources are spent on discovery and, perhaps, a trial. Aaron Walker, the lawyer representing a second group of defendants, has filed brief supporting the Jones, et al. motion. (Disclosure: I work with Aaron as a paralegal on First-Amendment-related cases.) Two of the cases he cites in his brief are Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al., No. 4:17-cv-01310 (D.S.C. 2017) and Schmalfeldt v. Johnson, et al., No. 15-CV-1516 (E.D. WI. 2016).

So it may be that Bill Schmalfeldt’s ineptly conducted pro se lawfare will provide support for the dismissal of a suit against Alex Jones.


12 thoughts on “Schmalfeldt Assists Alex Jones

  1. If it’s successful we should send a nice fruit basket to the unemployable Schmalfeldt with a note of thanks. I think he’d appreciate that.

  2. It takes a great deal of intelligence and wisdom to make SOMEONE ELSE’S STUPIDITY work for you.

    This is simply awesome.

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  4. Is it really spelt Schmalfeldt though? I’ve seen various different forms of the name filed in court documents by someone who is supposed to know.

  5. Norman K. Moon is evil. What did you expect? It just so happens that a Senior Judge with a history of violating the basic Constitutional rights of conservatives takes over a case designed to violate the basic Constitutional rights of conservatives.

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