Democrats v. Barr

Those of us who live in the DC area can listen to WCSP-FM, the radio station operated by C-SPAN. Yesterday, I had the Barr hearing playing in the background while I was working. It went pretty much as I expected with the Democrats on the committee grasping for straws that might be found in Mueller’s just-released letter complaining about the Attorney General’s initial summary of his report not having a desirable effect on press coverage.


Of all the pixels spilled commenting on the Democrats’ behavior, David French’s piece over at NRO may have the best analysis of their real dilemma.

Opinions about Donald Trump are remarkably consistent. While there are significant events that might move the needle between now and the election — a recession, a bungled foreign crisis, irrefutable evidence of major crimes — public opinion is largely set, and each new incremental revelation of dishonesty, impulsiveness, or incompetence simply doesn’t move the needle. If Bill Barr had released Mueller’s summaries instead of his own memo, we’d be having exactly the same debates, impeachment would be just as implausible (and imprudent), and Trump’s approval rating would be unchanged. Trump’s public standing is one piece of stability in our otherwise unstable times.

And it’s driving the Democrats even more crazy.

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  1. David “Quicksand” French is deluded. Sure, it is possible that bad things could happen to hurt Donald Trump’s reelection efforts, but, with a wave of the rhetorical hand he sweeps away all the possible good things that could happen between now and the election. The economy could continue to accelerate, North Korea or Iran could knuckle under sanctions. Numerous deep-state plotters could be successfully prosecuted for what amounts to a soft coup creating sympathy for Donald Trump. Each incremental campaign promise meet could build his reputation for being straight with the electorate. Each incremental effort to redo our bad trade deals, break Iran and North Korea, or build the wall could increase his reputation as a resolute fighter. And, each new bit of good economic news could increase his reputation as a competent steward over our economy.

    The needle that can’t seem to move is David French’s opinion of Donald Trump. No matter how successful a President Donald Trump is he can’t admit that it is evidence of Donald J. Trump’s competence. The Truth is out there, but, David French refuses to see it.

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