The TL:DR on the Mueller Report

Victor Davis Hanson has a post up titled Mueller Investigation Was Driven by Pious Hypocrisy. Here are the money quotes.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year, $30 million, 448-page report did not find collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.

Despite compiling private allegations of loud and obnoxious Trump behavior, Mueller also concluded that there was not any actionable case of obstruction of justice by the president.

And …

Yet Mueller’s team went down every blind alley relating to its investigation — except where Obama-era officials were likely culpable for relevant unethical or illegal behavior.

And …

The problem with the Muller investigation, and with former intelligence officials such as Brennan, Clapper, Comey and McCabe, is pious hypocrisy. Those who have lectured America on Trump’s unproven crimes have written books and appeared on TV to publicize their own superior virtue. Yet they themselves have engaged in all sorts of unethical and illegal behavior.

Read the whole thing. It provides a useful top level summary of over two years’ wasted effort. Well, wasted if the point of the exercise was to get Trump and cover up certain Deep State indiscretions.

3 thoughts on “The TL:DR on the Mueller Report

  1. Not entirely a complete waste of time. The effort to “get the Orange Man” has:

    1) Rooted out and expelled multiple parties the in intelligence community who otherwise would have remained in place to continue their harm to our constitutional republic.

    2) Exposed information and back-door processes that otherwise would have been unrevealed to the public and media.

    3) Drew out factions of partisans in our national media who were intent to use their positions as “journalists” to provide support and cover to their chosen side of our political process.

    Much of the GOP operating in the DC bubble would have happily ignored all of the above, to the detriment of our nation. It took an outsider with fearless gumption to jump into the morass and individually do battle with the controlling DC establishment. Very impressive, and Trump still seems to be winning. Much more to come, fer sure.

    • They are looking at the Ukraine angle now. Wonder if Team K, including a noted malingerer, are going to get interviewed by the FBI?

      • Unlikely in the extreme, as the most relevant territory isn’t really Ukraine anymore. Nor do I believe it’s going to involve the decidedly junior-league Crimean mafia. If they were actual players, they’d have had real lawyers available, and that half-pint wannabe would never had the opportunity to ingratiate himself.

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