NIMBYs and Illegals

A story has been circulating that the White House has toyed with the idea of turning illegal immigrants loose in sanctuary cities while the immigration hearings are pending. The reaction of the elites from the Bay Area and the Northeastern Megalopolis has been pure NIMBY—not in my back yard. The Leftist elites’ gut reaction to having to deal with some those migrants on their home turf when they thought the illegals would be cluttering up the border towns in Texas and Arizona has led them to make a poor decision. They should be welcoming migrants to blue states.

The Left is claiming that the proposed citizenship question on the 2020 census will suppress the count of immigrants. but at least for the time being, the lawsuit they’ve filed to keep the citizenship question off the 2020 census is going in their favor. That means if more migrants are counted in Texas instead of California, a red state will have a chance to pick up one or two more seats in the House and electoral votes.

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