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The Gentle Reader may remember that Brett Kimberlin’s name appeared in the news a couple of years ago when it came out that he had been the paymaster for some of the funds used to acquire bogus documents from an offshore source aimed at discrediting the Trump Administration. That wasn’t his only involvement colluding with foreign entities. Indeed, he was mentioned in a post published four years ago today titled Hillary’s Private Spy Service.

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popcorn4bkMark Hemingway has a piece over at The Weekly Standard about a group of folks who have functioned as a private intelligence network of sorts for Hillary Clinton. One of them is a guy named Cody Shearer; that’s a name that may ring a bell with those Gentle Readers who are familiar with Mark Singer’s Citizen K, and in the discussion of Shearer on page 3 of Hemingway’s post the name Brett Kimberlin appears.

BTW, Cody Shearer is not the only connection between Brett Kimberlin and the Clintons. Others have been discussed here at Hogewash!, and others will be revealed as The Saga unfolds.

Read all of Mark Hemingway’s piece, and stay tuned.

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The Weekly Standard is now defunct, and the link above doesn’t work. However, Mark Hemingway’s article has been saved on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

I’m not the only person who isn’t done with Brett Kimberlin yet.

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  1. Oh dear. I hope Brett hasn’t fallen into disfavour with the Clinton clan. It tends to disagree with a person’s health.

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