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Bill Schmalfeldt was one of the defendants in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. During the course of the suit, he moved several times, and he usually failed to inform the court of his new address in a timely manner. It was almost as if he was trying to dodge service of court papers. When he moved to Clinton, Iowa, he failed to provide a proper address for his residence, but I was able to serve him at his workplace until he lost that job. Then I made a effort to find the house he was renting. A post two years ago today called Location, Location, Location dealt with his displeasure at being found.

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I woke up this morning to find a bunch of tweets from the Cabin Boy™ cluttering my Notifications on the Twitterz. He seems to have had a meltdown caused by a post of mine from yesterday evening. He’s acting as if he lives in the house in the picture from Google Maps.

Does he?

He has been evading service of court papers since he fled Wisconsin. When he tweeted the picture in question back in January, I considered the possibility that it might show where he had moved. Close inspection of the image showed a blurred area on the porch railing. That is consistent with how Google obscures some things for privacy purposes, so I checked Clinton, Iowa, Street View images and found that they were taken in the summer of 2013. The picture Schmalfeldt posted on Twitter shows trees and bushes leafed out which is consistent with summer rather than the winter, and that made it likely that the tweet image was from Google rather than something the Cabin Boy™ had taken in December or January. Indeed, I got lucky and found the same image.

Why was I looking?

The Cabin Boy™ has not been meeting his discovery obligations in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. This has resulted in Judge Hecker granting my petition for a show cause order for contempt against Schmalfeldt, and the Clerk has sent me papers to serve on him. I can’t serve the Cabin Boy™ at work because he is no longer at KMCN, so I needed another good address.

The Gentle Reader should note that I did not publish the address of the house shown in the Cabin Boy’s™ tweets. That’s because I still don’t know that he lives there, and if he doesn’t, there’s no reason to impinge on the actual residents’ privacy. However, Schmalfeldt clearly wants the world to believe he lives there. According to the time stamp on a picture he tweeted to me overnight, he made that picture of himself standing in front of the place several hours after my post. Of course, he could have driven across town and stood in someone else’s yard to take such a picture, so there’s still no proof he lives there. All that picture proves is that the Cabin Boy™ knows where that house is. It doesn’t prove he lives there.

But he may yet provide that proof. Schmalfledt has made noise about talking to a judge about the picture as evidence of stalking. If he brings the subject up to Judge Hecker, he may find that the judge will want to know why he failed to inform the Clerk of his change of address in a timely manner. That conversation might make an interesting sidebar during the Cabin Boy’s™ contempt hearing on 5 May. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to do my due diligence to serve him with notice of that hearing.

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Cowardly cowards gotta cower.

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