The Consequences of Commenting

I occasionally honor requests to remove comments from Hogewash!. For example, a frequent commenter who wished to remain anonymous mistakenly used his actual identity when making a comment. I took that comment down at his request. However, I recently received a request to delete some comments which I don’t intend honor. In that instance, a third party was objecting to comments which appear to be true and which add to the discussions of the topics raised in the related posts, and the third party was demanding that the commenter take them down. As far as I’m concerned, they’ll stay up.

Comments are permitted at my sole discretion. They are removed at my sole discretion. This is from the Terms of Service found on The Fine Print page.

Any comment posted to the site remains the property of the originator of the comment who is solely responsible for the content of his comment. Posting or attempting to post a comment to the site grants a royalty-free license to Hogewash! and its owner to reproduce the comment or any portion of it in any medium without limitation to the place or time of use or publication. Allowing a comment to appear on the site does not constitute an endorsement of its contents.

Note that even attempting to post a comment here gives me a royal-free license to reproduce that comment not only at Hogewash! but also anywhere else.

If a third party wants comments stricken, he can follow the procedure set forward in this site’s Terms of Service.


Hogewash! is not in the business of spreading false information about anyone or anything. If you believe that a post on this site contains erroneous information, please contact W. J. J. Hoge via one of the means on the DMCA page with an explanation of the error. If the error is confirmed, a correction or retraction will be issued forthwith. Please note that your opinion that something is amiss isn’t sufficient. Credible documentation of an error is required. Serial complainers who make frivolous claims will be dealt with as spammers. Because of prior harassment, persons listed in the Copyright Blacklist should not contact me.

On rare occasions, I’ve closed comments on a post, but the comment section is open on this one.

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