Supper at CPAC

After picking up my press credentials, I walked through the lobby at the Gaylord Conference Center and ran into a group of bloggers, activists, and former codefendants. We wound up going out for supper and swapping leads on stories that would be breaking over the next few days.

Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Supper at CPAC

  1. While you’re out with your fellow folk at CPAC… How about getting their reaction given neither Ann Coulter or Tucker Carlson are speaking this year?

    How and why was that decision made? Two of the, arguably, thought leaders on The Right aren’t there with you.

    I view this with concern. In no way does Trump run the Conservative movement; he’s too inept (though I like his policies). Are we seeing the Never Trump faction? Or, more likely, the GOPe?

    If you don’t mind please provide a insider perspective inasmuch as you can because you’re the guy onsite.

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