Trigger Warning

The College Fix reports that a person wearing a cowboy outfit at Wake Forest caused someone to file a racial bias complaint.

The Old Gold & Black reports someone ended up filing a Bias Incident Report (BIR). According to Chief Diversity Officer José Villalba, the “official” Bias Incident group concluded the person in the pic was “impersonating a cowboy by wearing a Western-style shirt with part of an American flag on it and a lasso across his chest and shoulder.”

Apparently, someone unfamiliar with cowboys thought the lasso was a noose.

Nevertheless, Student Senators Miles Middleton and Fadi Narouz “understood” the lasso to be a noose, and at a February 12 Student Government General Assembly meeting decided to bring up the issue as well as other matters of a racial nature — like “Caucasian students behaving rudely to employees of color” and “students of color being scared to enter certain spaces on campus.”

Middleton conceded that if the Bias Incident group said the lasso wasn’t a noose that he would “take them on their word.” However, he said he had his “own set of opinions about how the campus should be dealing with these types of things in a deeper manner.”

The picture that caused the controversy was taken at a campus Subway restaurant. Maybe Wake Forest should add a Roy Rogers restaurant to improve the students’ general knowledge of American culture.

BTW, the hangman’s knot used to make a noose and the honda knot used to make a lasso are two very different knots.

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