Hating Haters Gotta Hate

Evan Urquhart has a post at Slate called Why Jussie Smollett’s Alleged Hoax Won’t Change How Anyone Feels About Hate Crimes. It’s written from the point of view that the Right’s reaction to the Smollett’s Hoax Crime is racist and homophobic. To that extent, his post is unbalanced, but it does contain a couple of insightful statements.

People who believe these ugly things, and the much larger group who don’t believe anything except that it’s not their business to care, don’t seize on hoaxes because an isolated case proves they are right. They do it because they will use anything and everything to distract from the fact that they are wrong.

But there’s no larger message here, and we’re not all victims of his crime. Haters, proverbially, are going to hate. They did it before, and they won’t miss a step after this sad, weird story is done.

Alas for Mr. Urquhart, he doesn’t seem to see how those statements apply to the Left as well. The Left believes things that are ugly and untrue and routinely seizes on twisted “facts” to support The Narrative.

The hate will keep coming against kids minding their own business at a pro-life march or nuns who don’t want birth control or fast food restaurants that give employees a day off each week or peaceful protestors who feel they’re taxed enough already or whoever gets in the Left’s way.

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