The Collusion Wasn’t With The Russians

And it didn’t involve the Trump campaign. It’s now becoming clear that the Russian Collusion story is failing because there are no facts to support it. Indeed, it appears to have been based on nothing more than shoddy opposition research from the 2016 campaign by members of the press, politicians, and elite bureaucrats to effect a coup against an elected president. Now that the coup is failing, Julie Kelly offers some questions in a post at American Greatness

So, what now? Who will pay the price for unleashing this ordeal on the American public? Which lawmaker will be rebuked and censured for pretending to have evidence of malfeasance that never happened? Which former high level official will be charged for abuse of power?

What journalist will be fired and permanently jettisoned from the industry for intentionally misleading readers and viewers? What editor or media owner will be held accountable for publishing illegally leaked information that exacted real harm on innocent people? When will NeverTrumperers who accused more astute observers of this scheme of being “conspiracy theorists” going to apologize?

How will people harassed by the media and investigators restore their professional standing, squandered savings and mental wellbeing? How can the president regain the time in his term that has been lost to this craven insurgency?

These are only a handful of the questions now arising from the wreckage of the failed Trump-Russia collusion gambit; the answers might be just as infuriating as the questions themselves.

My exit question for now is: How do you shame someone with no sense of shame?

5 thoughts on “The Collusion Wasn’t With The Russians

  1. It will all be memory holed by a compliant media, much as the entire series of scandals in Virginia has disappeared.

  2. If it was rigged to remove the president, wouldn’t it have invented proof?

    Maybe these investigations are.. looking for evidence and asking questions.

    But that can’t be true, they’re part of a seditious attempt to remove a sitting president! They would just make up all this evidence!

    Even when releasing statements that say they haven’t found proof!

    ..Wait. Maybe it isn’t a witch hunt and the President just hates anyone who examines anything he does factually.

  3. “My exit question for now is: How do you shame someone with no sense of shame?”

    By making them all beg for a minimum-wage job in Podunk Montana.

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