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Brett Kimberlin filed false complaints against me with Twitter which resulted in my business and personal accounts being permanently suspended. I claimed from the very beginning of the episode that the complaints were baseless lies. After Kimberlin lost his peace order petition in court and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office dropped the criminal complaint the Kimberlins filed, Twitter restored my business account. OTOH, Bill Schmalfeldt has had multiple accounts suspended by multiple online service providers, and AFAIK, none have been restored. The Footnote Du Jour from two years ago today deals with one such suspension.

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The Gentle Reader may wish to take note that the Cabin Boy™ has not denied the reasons cited by Microsoft for suspending his email account.

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The reasons cited in the Microsoft termination email that Schmalfeldt published were distributing malware or child pornography.

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  1. Given that Bill Schmalfeldt is not technically savvy enough to be distributing malware intentionally (and the fact that they don’t usually punish the victims, so it is unlikely he was doing unintentionally), you can make a conclusion about which of the two options that they gave applies.

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