The Green New Derp

Much of the initial pointage, laughery, and mockification of ¡Ocasio! She Guevara’s Green New Deal Derp has been about cattle farts and high-speed railways to Hawaii. My first reaction when I heard about the proposed elimination of the fossil fuels wasn’t to think of my car because I was cooking at the time—on my gas stove.

I grew up in Nashville, the heart of TVA country, in a house with an electric stove. My mother loved it because it was easier to manage than the coal stoves she learned to cook on. However, gas stoves are even more responsive than electric. Because of the thermal mass of the element in an electric “burner,” there can be a significant delay between turning a knob and a change in heat delivery. OTOH, a gas flame’s heat output quickly tracks the flow setting. When we built Mrs. Hoge’s kitchen that she used for teaching and her personal cheffing business, we installed a 6-burner gas stove with a 36-in oven along with a 27-in electric wall oven for small baking jobs. (A 36-in gas oven is great for two turkeys at a time, but it’s overkill on a pizza.)

The other significant modification that we made to stately Hoge Manor was to replace the electrical radiant heating with a gas furnace when we switched from window air conditioners to central HVAC. The house is much more comfortable, and the heating costs lower. Oh, and we switched to a gas dryer while we were at it. The water heater is still electric.

We switched from electrical heating and cooking in order to improve the energy efficiency of our house. The Green New Derp would be a Great Leap Backward™ for me.

BTW, I’m an Electrical Engineer.

Congress can pass legislation, but “ye cannae change the Laws of Physics.”

8 thoughts on “The Green New Derp

  1. What, you don’t think the “Upgrade or replace every building in the US.” or “income for everybody unable or unwilling to work.” are crazy? Does She Guevara realize just how much replacement windows and doors cost?

    • What is the total value of every building and structure in the USA? What is the estimated replacement cost of every building and structure in the USA? It would be impossible to replace every building or structure in the USA in 10 years if every single person in the country stopped every other economic activity and engaged in construction, full-time.

      This petulant child is woefully ignorant and dangerously stupid.

  2. They can have my firearm and my gas stove when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!
    I lived with my great aunt for a year or so and she still cooked on a wood-burning stove in her kitchen many days.
    AOC is dangerously stupid.

  3. Our house was renovated just before we bought it as part of an estate.
    They put in an electric stove even though there was a gas line to the kitchen for the old stove.
    I hate it, but it’s brand new so I can’t justify replacing it for quite a white (well, I guess it’s 7 years old this year. How time flies!)
    It’s one of those ceramic top stoves so it’s supposed to be more responsive since the coils are smaller.
    Yeah, bullshit.

    The furnace and water heater are gas. We had to buy our own washer/drier and since they had taken down the gas lines going to the laundry area during the renovation, it became cheaper by a lot to get an electric. It’s OK I guess. It’s got some funkiness on the delicate setting (has to run twice to dry the clothes completely) but reading the reviews it appears that’s common issue on both the gas and electric models.

  4. Many people have said that the reason all previous attempts at socialism have failed is that it “just hasn’t been tried hard enough.”

    I think that may no longer be accurate.

    • Yeah, I think it’s been tried pretty hard on the millions and millions of people who have been destroyed or murdered in the name of socialism.

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