Mmmmm, Donuts

SN 1987AThis is one of the early images of the remnant of a recent supernova. At 168,000 light-years distant, SN 1987A was the closest supernova observed in almost 400 years when astronomers caught sight of it in 1987.

Image Credit: NASA

3 thoughts on “Mmmmm, Donuts

  1. See, this is the root cause of one of my pet peeves.

    Yes, supernovas leave donut-shaped images. This is because (as I’m sure our gentle host is well aware) the supernova blasts out a thin spherical shell of debris, the image appears as a ring because we’re looking at the edge of the sphere, the debris is comparatively thick from our viewpoint.

    This has morphed into the Death Star giving off a donut shaped ring when it explodes. Yes, it bugs me.


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