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It seems that even people who want to believe Brett Kimberlin eventually figure out that he’s a liar. This post from six years ago today titled Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin, Storyteller was taken from Kimberlin’s authorized biography.

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From listening to him in court, reading his court filings, and viewing his web sites, it seems to me that TDPK is making stuff up as he goes along. Mark Singer came to a similar conclusion in his book Citizen K. The following is from a section that begins at the bottom of page 335.

I came to this conclusion:

The Quayle story was Kimberlin’s most successful creation, the invention that propelled him further than any other. Someone he knew, but not Kimberlin himself, had either sold or claimed to have sold pot to Quayle—and he appropriated this for himself. …

I spent four years asking questions about Kimberlin, and along the way I never met a soul who could offer genuine corroboration of the fable that brought his to my attention in the first place.

Brett Kimberlin is a storyteller, a teller of tall tales, but not a very good one. He sometimes has trouble remembering what he said to whom when. Of course, if one tells the truth, that’s less of a problem.

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Lying liars gotta lie.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Follow the money.

    I’ve said Brett’s non-profits would eventually be problematic. Still true. But there’s more than that. Also. Recall a federal judge referred Prenda Law to the tax authorities.

    Goodness knows… what might possibly come out of ‘Discovery’.

    Tick-tock. I read that somewhere.

    • OK, more on this. I couldn’t remember current status of the Prenda Law thing so I went looking.

      Via Popehat at

      I quote this from Popehat:

      “Steele and Hansmeier might have continued this scheme for much longer — and might have even gotten away with it — had they not gotten arrogant and vengeful. When criticized, rather than settling and dismissing some suits and moving on (the way practiced con men do), they were incensed, and decided to abuse the legal system even more by blitzing critics with multiple lawsuits. John Steele gleefully threatened opponents and Paul Hansmeier famously sneered at the defamation defendants “welcome to the big leagues.” It was those actions that drew much more attention to their cases. Character is destiny. Not only are Steele and Hansmeier wanton crooks, they’re spiteful, entitled, arrogant douches. That led to their downfall.”

      Sounds about right. Sound like anybody you know? Any some bodies? Personagles not limited solely to Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber?

      I am not a lawyer. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Near as I can tell Brett Kimberlin is a ‘Public Person’ and I hope his notoriety, along with his demonstrated behavior, counts for something. But Maryland. Courts. This is my opinion only and is not mean’t to be malicious in any way; merely a accounting of facts combined with a historical example. Any relationship between facts, opinion, conjecture and solid research isn’t deplorable. Or actionable.


      Don’t sue me, Brett.

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