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  1. The Native American drummer is claiming “Vietnam times” veteran status. Wow. That’s familiar.

    By this standard, I am a disabled Vietnam-era elementary school student…{Not really disabled, but I hurt my foot and the doc gave me a temporary parking pass w/a picture of a guy in a wheelchair on it.)

    If you didn’t actually go to Vietnam…that word does not belong in your biography. For years journalists have said he was a Vi9etnam vet. Apparently he didn’t correct them.

    • I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding “Vietnam times”, but apparently he’s recently told CNN he’s a Vietnam vet.

    • He also claimed at various times to have been part of the Marine’s “Ranger Recon”. Yeah, totally not a thing. They got his DD214 (sounding familiar yet Bill?) and found out he was a refrigerator repairman stationed in Kansas and California, and that he was AWOL 3 times. He earned 1 medal and left the service the same rank he entered. He might have been even a bigger slacker than Schmalfeldt.

  2. The latest word I’ve seen is he is Vietnam-era but served 100% CONUS as a HVAC tech with multiple UAs on his record. Discharged after 4 years as a Private (E-1) which means he was probably busted down from E-2 a few times.

    Not a combat troop and never served in country. REMF and a screwup to boot.

  3. Many of the vets from that era are considered Vietnam era vets. That’s what the military branches call us. If you don’t like it, complain to the Pentagon.

      • Your identification is suspect, to say the least. BJ54 is correct. A Vietnam “Era” [not “war”] veteran includes everyone who served between 1964 and 1975. The recon rangerrefrigerator mechanic makes the cut, despite his three stretches of AWOL and never leaving the US.

    • Very true, but HE identified himself as a Vietnam Vet. He only starting adding Vietnam Times after people started to dig. He also said he was a “Recon Ranger”.

      • He also recalled being spat on after returning from overseas, where he had never been.

        Yes, “Vietnam era” is proper usage. But Phillips didn’t use it. “Lying sack of buffalo sh*t” is also proper usage, especially when referring to apparent sociopath Nathan Phillips.

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