The Vietnam Service Medal

I received one for my service in Vietnam in 1971-72.

I’m 71 years old and one of the youngest recipients. There are only a few stragglers left who served in that war who aren’t drawing Social Security yet. Other than for service during the two days of Operation Frequent Wind in April, 1975, the last qualifying action for the Vietnam Service Medal took place on 28 January, 1973. It is highly unlikely that anyone who joined the military during or after 1972 would have been legitimately awarded the medal.

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  1. That Native American elder kinda reminds me of someone. He made a false claim, got caught, and now uses weasel words to make it sound like he was there when he wasn’t. Can’t think of the guys name he reminds me of but he’s fat, stupid, and allegedly has a love for writing porn about boy scouts.

  2. I got a Vietnam era medal, too. Joined in ’72, 2×6 program. Closest I got to Vietnam was doing grip ‘n grins at a training base in Texas.

  3. My father got his for stateside service, but he enlisted in Feb 1970. He chose to go into Air Defense Artillery because it was the one MOS that would guarantee him that he wouldn’t spend time in the jungle. But, he served. His Vietnam Service Medal is upstairs in a box of all his military records and awards. I really need to get those out and mounted so that his grand-kids (and eventually greats) to see.

  4. Thank you for your service, from someone who lives in a country there most people actively scorn the very people who protect them for free – the US armed forces.

  5. This has pretty much been aired out all over the web, Marine Corps Reserves 72-76, served stateside, refrigerator repairman, given a general discharge. This guy is an annoying bloviator but gives the general info:

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