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Before he was tagged with the nickname Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin, Brett Kimberlin was mocked at this blog as The Dread Pirate Kimberlin because of a pirate-themed blog he tried to operate for a few weeks in late 2012. Six years ago today I ran this post titled Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin of the Caribbean.

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The paragraph at the bottom of page 55 of Mark Singer’s book Citizen K contains the following.

The only plane he ever owned was a single-engine Piper 235. For one six-month stretch, he leased a twin-engine Piper Navaho. The latter had a cargo capacity of two thousand pounds, but Kimberlin said the most exotic agricultural product he ever hauled was organic mangoes. He flew all over the country and in the Caribbean, occasionally doing smuggling reconnaissance, sometimes carrying cash, but never moving drugs.

Sometimes carrying cash. I wonder where. One reasonable suggestion would be to vendors to pay for the dope he was buying. Another possibility would be to a bank or banks in a jurisdiction with good privacy laws in order to have a bankroll to use if he had ever fled the country using his false passport.

Now, Gentle Reader, if you had a stash of money overseas and wanted to repatriate it without incurring any tax liability, how would you go about it? Would you consider setting up a “charity” with loose accounting that could receive “donations”?

It’s just an idea.



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Yeah, like Hal Holbrook said when playing the role of Deep Throat, “Just follow the money.”

5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. This is all speculation on my part and I hope that Brett Kimberlin has legit status as a ‘Public Person.’ So.

    ‘Lest any of you following think Brett is a idiot; he’s not.

    He’s nimble. Energetic. Intelligent; somewhat- But not smart (see Legal efforts to-date).

    Is John telling me Brett can fly a airplane? The physical skills aren’t much BUT being able to navigate the airways requires a bit of concentration and planning. Less if he’s not flying at night. Way less if he’s not flying in weather.

    Think of it this way: AFAIK, BK doesn’t have a lot of education. But he’s started, and successfully run, multiple businesses. Dude could actually be legit successful BUT he dances way too close to the margins, and over (way over; see dope smuggling) in pursuit of more money.

    Brett has more money than almost all of us combined. Make no mistake, Brett Kimberlin is nowhere near the pauper that Bill Schmalfeldt is. He’s not as splendidly stupid as Schmalfeldt is, either.

    Brett has been able to hide his money fairly well. He counts on being able to fly below the radar, so to speak. There’s the risk. IF, at any point, Brett gets exposed he’s going to have to explain himself to the IRS. And now that Lois is gone, well… That likely won’t go well. Y’all likely are aware of the Al Capone example.

    If Kimberlin were followed by Magnum PI for a coupla’ months he’d be toast. Brett has greatly increased his chance of being investigated by Magnum or Jim Rockford by engaging… People. And possibly, I’m just guessing, by onlookers.

    IMHO. Don’t sue me, Brett.

  2. Brett’s main problem seems to be an all-encompassing need to show himself he’s smarter than everyone he meets. One way to do that is to successfully ‘beat’ the system via illegal activity. Add to that Little Man Syndrome (I think as evidenced by his attraction to, uh, very young females) and, Presto! you have the behavior we’ve seen.
    He’s reasonably intelligent (not as much as he thinks) but his other problems lead him to be not so smart.

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