Fake News

And we have another bombshell that’s a dud. It’s seems that there is no evidence to support the BuzzFeed story about Donald Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. One of the bylined reports has admitted that he’s seen nothing. No one else has been able to confirm the story. Oh, and the Special Counsel’s operation has disputed the report.

Those reporters and the editor responsible would probably be better suited to an outlet such as Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. I hear there may be one or more openings there.

3 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. I can’t imagine why anyone would hire Jason Leopold. That’s the same fabulist that assured the world that Karl Rove was the subject of a sealed indictment, back when Leopold was a “journalist” for the vaunted publication “Truthout.” He’s an absolute clown that no reputable news organization should get within a mile of. That’s aside from him being a radical left-wing activist.

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