I’m Not Sure How to Comment

The Political Insider has a post up summarizing the various reporting that is being leaked out to prepare the faithful for the disappointment of a nothing burger report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump Investigation.

Well, a dud report shouldn’t be all that unexpected, but I’m having trouble framing my possible comment.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure How to Comment

    Be not forgetful as to why the Mueller investigation began:
    1) To obfuscate and deflect attention from the fact that a sitting Presidential administration with malice and forethought did wantonly and illegally SPY ON AN OPPOSITION CANDIDATE.
    2) Manufacture false reasons and justification to impeach a lawfully elected President.

    There won’t be a single crime in the report, but there won’t have to be.
    Mueller: “We have found no evidence of any collusion or illegal activities BUT, since the President refused to be questioned under oath,one can presume……………………….”

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