A Note to Gillette

In re you new ad—The last time I shaved was the morning of our wedding day.

When Mrs. Hoge and I first met, I had just returned from active duty as an Army Reservist, so my chin whiskers were gone, but my mustache was intact. By the time we met again I had regrown my beard, and it remained intact throughout our courtship. However, she suggested that I shave off everything except my mustache for the wedding.

Our wedding was scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the small Indiana town where her grandparents lived. I drove her up from Nashville on the weekend before and went back to Tennessee on Sunday to go to work on Monday. I shaved my beard on Monday. On Wednesday, I drove up to Indiana. Connie greeted me at the door with a big hug and kiss. After a prolonged hug, she stepped back with a quizzical look on her face. After a few seconds, she spoke, and the first words out of her mouth were, “Grow it back after the wedding.”

3 thoughts on “A Note to Gillette

  1. I went to the gillette.com web site today and told them that I was ridding my house of all P&G brands and would not purchase anything with their logo on it until they had apologized to men. Make a product and keep your opinions to yourself, please! I don’t need someone who makes cleaning and personal hygiene products telling me how to live my life. Get woke, go broke.

  2. I was also married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was cold and miserable outside. Warm and happy in the church. Over 30 years later, still watm and happy.

  3. I’ve played silly beard games with my wife going on 30 yrs now. Mustache has stayed since senior year high school.
    Full beard when we met, at the wedding. First time she saw me without beard was about 9 months after. Now I grow it when I get tired of shaving (old school safety razor, mug, Williams soap and brush) gets me a good Santa look for the end of the year, shave it when I get tired of trimming it. Makes it worth when I get from her “Did you have a beard when I went to bed last night?”

    But I think it’s staying now.

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