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One of the false narratives that The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin tried to spin into defamation claim against me and my codefendants in various LOLsuits was that we had accused him of being involved in various SWATtings. I’ve never said or written any such thing. I have discussed the circumstance surrounding several SWATting attacks, but I’ve never claimed that I knew who was guilty or that Brett Kimberlin had any connection to any of them. Indeed, I’ve stated that there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to prove that Kimberlin was involved. OTOH, I’ve also said that I understand why some people are suspicious. The TKPOTD from four years ago today is typical of my posts on that subject.

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Charlie_Hebdo_Mohammed_Returns_.0Most likely, the Gentle Reader has heard about yesterday’s terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The publication has targeted Islam with its rather coarse humor. For example the front-page cartoon on the left is captioned, “If Mohammed Returned.” The dialog translates, “I am The Prophet, fool!” and “Shut up, Infidel!”

After killing a dozen people and wounding several more, the gunmen were heard to say that they had avenged The Prophet.

If one reads the letter The Dread Prophetphile Kimberlin sent to law enforcement (see the exhibit attached here) in the context of his actions in outing the anonymous blogger “Aaron Worthing,” it almost seems as if TDPK was hoping that Aaron Walker might suffer the same fate as has befallen Charlie Hebdo. The fact that Aaron Walker was SWATted the same day that he beat TDPK in a court hearing over the unconstitutional gag order Kimberlin had as part of (later thrown out) peace order, …

One theme that keeps recurring in TDPK’s rants against Aaron Walker is his connection to the Everybody Draw Mohammed blog that posted all those “vile” depictions of Mohammed.

Here’s another interesting factoid: As of 11 pm last night, there was nothing on either the Justice Through Music Project or Velvet Revolution US websites about the Charlie Hebdo attack. There was nothing on Breitbart Unmasked either.

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Let me add one more factiod that has come to light since that post was first published.

The person convicted of SWATting Stacy McCain was a moslem.

The Gentle Reader may draw or not draw what conclusion from that fact that he will.

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